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4 Star Hotel

The hotel star rating system allows you to rank hotels according to quality. You can use the hotel star rating system as a way to guide you into making hotel reservations. When it comes to booking hotel rooms, the star rating system can be very helpful. In the United States, hotels are typically ranked based on a scale of one to five stars and occasionally the half star increment is used.

The star ratings in the United States are using given to hotels by several organizations. Typically hotels are assigned a star rating by a national travel organization or a guidebook. However, each individual company will use their own criteria in order to determine the star rating for an individual hotel.

When using travel search engines, you will find hotel ratings as well. Most travel search engines will also provide an explanation of their hotel rating system so you can easily decode what the star rating means. However, it is important to keep in mind hotels will get different ratings from different sources and you need to know what the rating means in order to make an informed decision about the hotel of your choice.

While the star rating system may not seem like a helpful guide, it actually provides you with a lot of benefits and can give you information about hotels. A 4 star hotel is always going to have more luxury than hotels with only one or two stars. Also a 4 star hotel will tend to be more expensive when compared to one and two star hotels which tend to be budget hotels.

A 4 star hotel also tends to offer you the most in amenities such as room service, internet access, movies, plush linens, fitness center and other amenities you often donít get at hotels with less than three stars.

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